What does it mean to Think Like a Forest?

Eco Thinking is to have an Ecological paradigm shift for living learning to live and sustainable and even regenerative ways.

Eco: [eek-oh] Ecological (Whole System) Think: [thingk] verb, to have a conscious mind, to some extent of reasoning, remembering experiences, making rational decisions, etc.  Synonyms: consider, imagine, meditate, ponder.

EcoThinkIt Definition: To consider, imagine and meditate on ways to live that take into consideration the whole ecosystem of the sphere where you live, i.e. earth, nation, town, community, family.

EcoThinkIt is a verb how to think, meditate and process living in  the new world that is emerging. What new world you ask? Well, it is a new world of expanded technology and innovation and at the same time a world where we have reached the limits to how much we can extract, exploit and consume without collapsing the entire ecosystem(earth). It seems like they are diametric opposites. Build innovate, expand vs. use less, spend, less, consume less. But that exactly what is exciting about it. It is in some ways a paradox. But when you really look at it both paradigms are about having “MORE”, the question is more of what?

The Whole systems perspective or EcoThinkIt view is that you want more of everything that gives life. It is about abundant life. More clean air, clean water, food that is rich in nutrients and flavor, thriving communities that support and encourage healthy relationships both between people and the environment.

What is so fascinating about this is that it is not just about going back to a time of living off the land and living more simply, there is part of that we need to understand and embrace but it is about the integration of technological innovation and ecological sustainability. It is about the blending of these two worlds into a more cohesive, regenerative way of living and thriving on the planet.

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