Coffee Cups, How Small Efforts Can Have Big Results

I was recently challenged while having coffee with a guy who lives out the EcoThinkIt worldview at a much higher level than I do. What challenged me was not his neighborhood stirring Permaculture project or his use of public transportation and a bicycle. It was something more simple and less expensive. We met for coffee to talk about the amazing and wonderful realms of Ecological thinking and living and the conversation was great in many ways but the most significant thing I remember was the fact that he was drinking his coffee out of a stainless steel travel mug while I was using the paper cup provided by the cafe.

Small thing maybe but I was immediately convicted of my wastefulness and had images of all the landfill I am personally responsible for and all the energy wasted producing those cups and lids. A little bit of an extreme reaction on my part but the take away was clear. This is a small thing that if we all did it could have a significant impact. Had I thought about this before yes, that’s why I was convicted about my lack of consciousness. And maybe that is the key to global transformation. A series of small conscious decisions that cumulatively add up to a transformative ecological and social restoration.

Everyone wants to change the world and if you are from America you tend to try to do it with grand gestures and massive effort. But perhaps the Permaculture Principle number 9 of “Small Slow Solutions” is much more the answer then global recycling campaigns or political efforts to slow greenhouse gas emissions. What are other small ways could you EcoThink your way into a better world?

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