Cultivate KC Food Forest Video Project

The idea is to create a video documentary that moves forward in time as the food forest grows. Daniel Dermitzel who worked with cultivate KC at the time created a 1/4 acre food forest on a vacant suburban lot in Merraim KS (a suburb of KC)

The goal is to create a photo and video documentation of the project over time. We will start with a video at year 4 along with some still photos from the previous years showing the growth. This initial video will be a walk through of the site with Steve Mann who has been involved with the project since the beginning, telling us about what is happening what is growing, how much produce is being harvested and sold etc.
As part of his masters degree in Agro Forestry Steve is measuring the productivity of the site. From soil fertility and organic matter content to growth of trees on an annual basis as well as the amount of produce that is being sold each year. Our intention is to go back and shoot a video every year or two to show the progress and document the economic viability of such a project as a business as well as measuring all forms of capital created.
Design-Ver-2 - Copy

Permaculture Design: Fruit tree and berry bush


Year zero


Year one

Tree planting

Tree planting


Year three


Steve Mann

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