Whole Systems Paradigm. Two Videos That May Change Your Life! They Changed Mine.

My introduction to Permaculture and whole systems thinking happened on July 26th 2011. My Birthday. I was hanging out with some new friends and they showed me a few YouTube videos that blew my mind! They were “7 Food Forests in 7 Minutes with Geoff Lawton” and “300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam”
I was so excited! Not just for how amazing a food forest was in and of itself but also for the implications for all other areas of life. If you can partner with nature to create these regenerative systems then these same principles would also apply to relationships, community, business. My mind was swirling!  Something just clicked inside of me and a new day was dawning. It resonated so deeply with me because it helped me to put a finger on things I had felt or suspected for years but had no language to articulate. It is a peculiar thing, many people intuitively know something is wrong with the way we are living, the way we grow and consume food, the way we live in houses with our home entertainment centers so insulated and isolated from our neighbors. It is not news that something is not right but we don’t know what it is so we continue the way we have aways done because it is all we have ever known(In our short life span). Permaculture gave me language to begin to understand how things should work and how connected we could be and should be with the earth, with our neighbors, with the cycles of nature. It opened up a new place in me to explore and grow. It is almost 3 years later and I feel like I still am at the very beginning of a great journey. Take a look at these videos and let me know how you are affected?

7 Food Forests in 7 Minutes with Geoff Lawton (7:03)
I was amazed with the progression of what happened in just a few years. Also I was blown away with the whole concept. I did not know that ecosystems worked in this way.

300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam (5:56)
Incredible! The abundance! This video really put me over the edge. 28 generations! The knowledge of every plant and tree for food and medicine was passed down generation to generation. That is a real education, learning about trees and plants and their interconnected relationships to one another and to us. Imaging the sense of “place” they have. Imagine eating Mangos from the same tree your grandparents did. That land must sing with harmony and memories. All the life events that happened there in their family. Births, death, weddings, such a rich history. It is a little piece of Eden!

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